Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 16.43.23Hi, I?m Luke Lelonkievitz,
?and this is part of my design portfolio (the other part is
I?m a designer, and stencil-graffiti active rebel.
I have thirteen years of experience as a designer and last six years as Art Director.
I worked for such companies as Bauer Media Group (Europe), Bloomberg (Europe), Edipresse (Europe), Southeast Asia Globe (Asia) and currently in Seoul in Korea also as AD.

My career?
From my graduation the Academy of Fine Arts to my first job 
as Junior Art Director through Art Director till Creative Director?
I was managing teams of designers in many big key campaigns in agencies and publishing houses.
I was responsible to contact with printing house and care about quality.
Sometimes I have a class with students where I teach about typography, and trends in design.
Since 2010 I?m member of News Page Designer @Society for News Design in New York.
Since 2012 I?m Juror in National Custom Publishing Competition in Poland.

In my work I have more than ten years of experience in print design and lately I used to work as a media designer/web/apps/devices as well.
My daily environment contains software to design print and digital 2D graphics, to edit movies, end create and develop devices stuff like wireframing, mockups etc.

My hobby is internet technologies, engineering and science. Traveling around Asia and Asia culture. Cuisine of the World -cooking. Tennis playing. Reading books (actually reading of everything)?
?And paragliding which takes all of my free time? I’m licensed paragliding pilot since 2010. I’m focus mostly on cross country flights. I’m NOT flying PPG (powered paragliding) only pure thermal without engine -that gives me the best fun, soaring and thermaling with birds?
Currently I’m flying on EN-C class wing which is Delta 2. Every possible chance I’m eager to join XC competition but when I’m busy I’m also happy of every single flight.
Some moments of my passion you can find on my paragliding photo blog:

Thanks for visiting my site and have a awesome day!